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Alexander Andros is father of Alex Andros.


Early Life: Alexander was a trained half-blood sentinel who was friends with a pure, Rachelle Andros, during their schooling and training. After striking up a romantic relationship, they had a daughter, Alexandria. During Alexandria's early years, Alexander would follow Rachelle and their daughter around town even though it was risky since their relationship was forbidden. After Lucian, Rachelle's husband, had suspicions of their relationship, he had Alexander sent to servitude, which led to his tongue being chopped off to prevent conversation.


He is described to have light brown hair and brown eyes.


Alexandria Andros: Alexandria is his daughter. He has never met her properly, and she had only seen him a few times before confronting him about how the elixir didn't seem to affect him. She had thought he was dead before receiving a letter in Deity that revealed that her father was alive, though it never specified who her father was.

Rachelle Andros: Rachelle and Alexander had a baby girl, Alexandria, before the covenant found out. Becuase relationships between pure bloods and half bloods are forbidden, he was taken away. Rachelle believed him to be dead when she married Lucian, but Alexander was sent into servitude.

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