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Summary of Alexandria's life[]

Some people say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when life gives you one seriously ticked off god gunning for your ass, you prepare for war and you hope for paradise.

Alexandria "Alex" Andros, Sentinel

Early Life: She was born on March 4th at 8:30 pm. Alex is a descendent from the Apollo lineage by her mother's side of the family. Alex's father, a half-blood named Alexander, was believed to have died before she was born, but in reality he was turned into a servant in the Catskills. The product of her half-blood father and her pure blood mother ended up conceiving an Apollyon, also what she used to be. Her mother, Rachelle, then married her stepfather, Lucian. By the age of seven, after a physical evaluation where she was poked and prodded, she was deemed worthy of training at the Covenant at Deity Island. At the age of 14, Alex and her mother left the Covenant. Though she had no explanation, she followed along willingly, until her mother was attacked three years later by two daimons in Miami, this attack was described in the book Daimon.  

All three sentinels: Aiden St. Delphi, Leon, and Kain, brought Alex back to Deity Island. There, Marcus stated that the instructors at the Covenant "had nothing but glowing accolades" when it came to her training. Despite her amazing performance regarding her physical training, the reports stated that Alex had no respect to the Instructors and colleagues, was prone to mischief and was caught after curfew several times. It was then that it was offered to Alex a position at Lucian's house, naturally she declined, for the only position was of a servant. So, Aiden offered to train her while keeping his duties as a sentinel. Through the book their relationship progressed to something more than friendship, even though it was forbidden because Aiden was a pure-blood and Alex was a Half-blood. It was revealed that the Oracle, Grandma Piperi, had a prophecy when she was born, saying that of the two Apollyons (her and Seth), one would be their destruction while the other would be their salvation. After hearing this, Apollo said that he checked out both of the Apollyons throughout their lives, stating that, "There was nothing remarkable about either of you". In the end, Alex was supposed to be the real Apollyon and she saved the world after defeating Ares and dying in the process. But before her death Apollo gave her Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, making her immortal after a human death. In the end of the last book, Sentinel, Seth sacrificed his life and after-life just so the gods could give Aiden ambrosia too, so they could have their "happily ever after".


Alex is described to have an oval face shape, full lips, high cheekbones and eyebrows that are carefully arched over her eyes. She is "a bit curvier" than her mother's "willowy frame" and is also described to have brown hair that is usually worn in a ponytail, and wide, whiskey brown eyes. Alex's hair is very long and wavy, but later on in Apollyon it is chopped off by Ares. Later in Sentinel, Olivia cuts her hair for her making it now rest on her shoulders, which made her hair wavier. Finally, in Sentinel, Alex’s hair returns to its original state. She's 5'4" and 53kg.


Aiden St. DelphiAlex had a crush on Aiden when she was younger (she was 14 and he was 17). It is revealed that he was her first crush and that she could not forget about him, even during the years that she was gone from the Covenant. When she returns to the Covenant and begins training with him, that crush turned into love.

In the first book, Half-Bloodwe find out that Aiden returns those feelings, but he doesn't want to have something with Alex out of fear that if the relationship was discovered, Alex would suffer all the punishments. When Alex is brought back to the Covenant, Aiden offers to train her so she can catch up what she missed while away. During the trainings they started to get closer to each other and were often seen on a friendly banter. When Alex finds out the truth about what happened to her mother, Aiden tries to talk to her, but enraged they argue and Alex punches him and after they kiss briefly. After she discovers she's an Apollyon, she goes to Aiden and he comforts her saying he'll always be there for her. They start making out in his cabin, but are interrupted of going any further because Leon knocks on the door and requests to talk to Aiden. Later, when Alex is rescued, Aiden was one of the sentinels on the search party that recovered her again. In Pure, Aiden takes Alex to the zoo where she tells him that she is in love with him. They share a passionate kiss. After that, he pushes Alex away, lying that he is attracted to her, but does not love her. Alex is heartbroken, but through the book it is shown that he truly cares about her. Proof of that is shown at the end of the book. He compels two pures to protect Alex because she had just killed a pure-blood guard, risking his own life in the process--the risk of compulsion on a pure is a death sentence. During the third book, Deity, Aiden finally stops resisting Alex and makes a move on her. She loses her virginity to him. After Alex is killed and Seth is in the Catskills, she moves to the St. Delphi mansion where she lives with the St. Delphi brothers, so Aiden could guard her. In the books Apollyon, Elixir and Sentinel, they are in a relationship. It is shown that their friends don't care that they are breaking the Breed Order. During this part of the series, it also shows the struggles during their relationship. By the end of the last book, Apollo and Seth gives them their well-deserved happily ever after.

SethIn the beginning of the Covenant series, Seth is shown to be arrogant and selfish, and Alex is constantly annoyed by him. Due to their Apollyon connection, they cannot stay away from each other. Under their Apollyon connection, they both decide to test the waters and decide that they like each other. In Pure, they begin getting along better, even starting a weird kind of relationship. It ends in the third book, when Alex and Aiden get together. By the end of the book, Seth turns evil, siding with Ares and Lucian. In the end, Seth uses his willpower to revert back to good after realizing that he was manipulated by Ares and Lucian. He even makes a sacrifice, saying that he will serve for the gods for his entire life and his body will go to Hades after he dies. He chooses to make a deal to let Alex and Aiden both become immortal demigods and live together happily, despite his lingering feelings for her. He eventually lets go of those feelings and ends up finding himself falling in love with Josephine 'Josie' Bethel in the Titan series.

Rachelle Andros: Alex and her mother had a good relationship, treating each other more like friends than like mother and daughter, until Rachelle was attacked in Miami, leading up to her being turned into a daimon. Alex misunderstood that her mother had died until Aiden reports to her that her mother has turned into a daimon. At the the end of the first book, Alex sets out on a mission to kill her. She is able to kill her mother and free her from being a daimon. It is shown that Rachelle in the Underworld and keeping an eye out for Alex, paying attention to what is happening to her. They see each other in the end of Apollyon and Sentinel, when Alex is healing in Olympus.

Caleb Nicolo: Caleb and Alex are best friends. She spent most of her time with him after arriving at the Covenant in the beginning of Half-Blood. The two get along well and are very honest with each other, keeping no secrets. In Half-Blood, Caleb follows Alex when she leaves the Covenant hunting for her mother and is forced to see Alex being tortured in Gatlinburg, receiving a couple tags himself. In the second book, he is killed by a daimon when the duo are sneaking out to get drinks from the cafeteria so they could have a movie night with Caleb's girlfriend, Olivia. Alex regrets this and blames herself, saying that if he wasn't trying to cheer her up, he wouldn't have ended up dying. They meet again in the underworld twice, and he comes to visit her once while she is under Seth's control. By the end of the series, they are seen together again while Alex has briefly died a mortal death.

Olivia PanagopoulosOlivia is Alex's female best friend. It is often said that Alex is envious of her clothes, and they spend a lot of time together until Caleb's death. When Caleb died, she blamed his death on Alex because she would soon become the Apollyon. For a while, they weren't friends. Later on, they both forgive each other, with Olivia being thankful that Alex tells her what Caleb said about her in the Underworld after his death--some kind of sentiment between her and Caleb about Los Angeles. She later joins Caleb in the Underworld due to an unfortunate death, but lives happily with him in the afterlife.

Deacon St. Delphi: Deacon is Aiden's younger brother. He and Alex are really good friends and Deacon is one of the first people to suspect about the relationship between Alex and Aiden. He even supported their forbidden affair, also relating to her because of his parents dying and due to falling in love with a half-blood. They often spend time in a camaraderie.

Lea SamosLea and Alex had a 'legendary history'. They have hated each other since they were seven, they are 'sand box enemies'. Due to the events in Deity, their frenemy status become more friendly. Later in Apollyon, Lea is killed by one of the Automatons, even though Alex does not like her very much, it still hurts and later trough the series she blames herself for her death. Alex feels guilty, thinking that they could have ended up becoming friends someday if Lea was still alive.

Josephine 'Josie' Bethel: Alex is surprised to hear that Apollo has a born demigod daughter and that it is none other than Josie. It is awkward for them to meet at first due to Seth's past with Alex. Josie begins to feel a bit insecure, comparing herself to Alex and feeling like she isn't as cool or glamorous as Alex. She later warms up to Alex and they become good friends, with Alex being glad that Seth found someone like Josie for him after what happened between her, Aiden, and him in the past. Josie even introduces Alex to her son, Leon. Alex is envious that Josie and Seth have a kid, wishing that she and Aiden could have their own child someday.