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Eye Color

Romvi: Obsidian Ares: White

Hair Color

Dark Brown




Romvi: Gutter Instructor Ares: God of War






Instructor Romvi is a teacher at the covenant until he is revealed as the God, Ares in Apollyon. He taught gutter class (sparring). He was always very hard on Alex in his class. He is a member of The Order of Thanatos and bares the symbol of The Order (upside down torch).

Ares is the Greek God of war, and it is said that the Greeks were ambivalent toward him. He embodies the physical valor necessary for success in war but is a dangerous force; "overwhelming, insatiable in battle, destructive and man slaughtering..."

Ares keeps cut hair of beings he has conquered in Hade's war room as trophies. This is noted by Persephone in Apollyon, when Alex travels to the underworld to seek out Solaris.

He is revealed to be the god that is controlling Lucian and Seth to be able to have complete domination over the Gods, Pures, Halfs and humans.


As Instructor Romvi, he has sparse dark hair, obsidian eyes, and olive skin.

In his true form, he is tall, muscular, has all white eyes, and bronze snakes that wrap around his arm.


Alexandria Andros: Ares was very hard on Alex when he was her instructor at the covenant, doing anything to get her hurt or to embarrass her. When he is revealed as Ares, rather than her teacher, he ended up nearly killing her and succeeds in chopping off her hair. Alex later ends up defeating Ares with Seth.

Seth Diodoros: Ares decided to create an Apollyon in order to gain ultimate power, and that Apollyon turned out to be Seth. He used Seth for his personal gain, manipulating him with Lucian in order to take over the world. However, Seth realizes that he is a pawn that is being used and breaks free from Ares, working with Alex to destroy Ares.


"Without war, there is nothing" -Ares, Apollyon