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Deacon St.Delphi


17 (Covenant series) 19 (Titan series)

Hair Color

Curly Blonde

Eye Color






Family Members:

- Aiden St. Delphi (Brother) - Unnamed Mother (Deceased) - Unnamed Father (Deceased)

Significant Other:

Luke Ritter (Half-Blood, Sentinel)


He is the younger brother of Aiden. He is described as a party boy with a drinking problem. Albeit his care-free attitude, he is very empathetic toward others and especially half-bloods. He is bisexual and has a 'quiet' relationship with Luke, who is a half-blood.

Aiden suspects him of his relationship with Luke, however, he does not confront him about this. Aiden expresses to Alex that he does not care about his brother's sexual orientation and just wishes Deacon would know that. It is confirmed in Apollyon when Luke and Deacon share a kiss.


Deacon has curly blond hair and the same silver/grey eyes as his brother. He also has dimples when he smiles.


Aiden St. Delphi: Deacon's older brother and legal guardian ever since their parents death in a daimon attack.

They share their deceased father's grey eyes, but other than that, Deacon is the male version of their mom. She also had curly blonde hair. It is said that Aiden is an exact replica of their father.

Aiden tends to be very protective of his brother since he is his only living relative. That includes fretting, worrying and getting angry over Deacons drinking problem, and Deacon's party addiction.

In the series, it's mentioned that Deacon relies on booze to forget about his parents' deaths. Aiden would have probably succumbed to the same fate if his brother's survival didn't rest solely on his shoulders; therefore, this preoccupies Aiden with being a good example guardian and sentinel, rather than a drunk teen.

Alexandria Andros: She is the girlfriend/soulmate of Aiden St. Delphi, but before that she was considered one of Deacon's only real friends. This is because he did not mention or hang out with other people in the series except for Alex's friends.

Luke Ritter: Deacon's half-blood boyfriend and the biggest reason for Deacon's sobriety towards the end of the series. He and Luke appear in the Titan series as well and are still dating and studying together in college.

Half-bloods and Pure-bloods aren't allowed to be in a romantic relationship because this could end up causing the birth of many Apollyons, endangering society. This is why they kept it a secret, thus we (the fans) can't exactly pinpoint when theirs started.

(Although there is a covenant novella dedicated to them, which seems to indicate their relationship starting around the time Alex, Seth and Aiden were in New York, can't remember what book so I'll update this when I check them)

Josephine 'Josie' Bethel: She is good friends with Deacon and Luke, with Deacon even encouraging Josie to be with Seth. Those two constantly chatter in the beginning of The Return after Josie is introduced to them by Seth. Josie hears about Seth's past with Alex and Aiden from Deacon.

Seth Diodoros: Deacon was afraid of Seth in the Covenant series at some point because of his uncontrollable Apollyon powers. He later appears to be very thankful towards Seth in the Titan series for making a deal with the gods, all so Aiden can have a happily ever after with Alex as an immortal demigod.


"Hey, my favorite Halfy."