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October 11, 2011


Spencer Hill Press


Jennifer L. Armentrout

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The Hematoi descend from the unions of gods and mortals, and the children of two Hematoi-pure-bloods-have godlike powers. Children of Hematoi and mortals-well, not so much.

Half-bloods only have two options: become trained Sentinels who hunt and kill daimons or become servants in the homes of the pures (servitude). Seventeen-year-old Alexandria would rather risk her life fighting than waste it scrubbing toilets, but she may end up slumming it anyway. There are several rules that students at the Covenant must follow. Alex has problems with them all, but especially rule 1#: Relationships between pures and halfs are forbidden. 

Unfortunately, she's crushing hard on the totally hot pure-blood Aiden. But falling for Aiden isn't her biggest problem--staying alive long enough to graduate the Covenant and become a Sentinel is. If she fails in her duty, she faces a future worse than death or slavery: being turned into a da imon, and being hunted by Aiden. And that would kind of suck.


In the first chapter of Half-Blood, Alex is in an abandoned factory in Georgia, a week after fleeing Miami. She had just woken up because she feels daimons in the building. When she starts running, a daimon attacks her but she manages to kill it before being confronted by two more daimons. Alex evades an attack and manages to dart away before Aiden St. Delphi shows up, along with a pure blood named Leon and Alex's old friend Kain.

While Aiden attacks and kills one daimon, another is able to tag Alex. The remaining daimon pulls back from Alex's shoulder, saying 'what are you' suggesting that Alex isn't normal. Aiden kills the daimon and goes to try and help Alex. She introduces herself, but when Aiden mentions the Covenant, Alex thinks about her mother and flips out attacking anyone that comes close to her. 

Alex escapes Aiden’s grasp and starts to run away, but is quickly caught and compelled to go to sleep until she feels safe.

When Alex wakes up, she is in a car and cuddled into Aiden’s arm while Leon is driving and Kain is in the passenger seat. She the hits her head as she sits up. Aiden told her that they are close to Deity Island, and the North Carolina covenant. Alex asks about how the school has changed, and the first thing that is mentioned is that the old head master died and that her uncle had taken his place. Aiden then apologizes for compelling her, because it is wrong to control half bloods like the elixir, but Alex remains quiet before asking Aiden who sent him. He told her it was the Covenant, not her stepfather. She then thinks about her possible future, how before, she is a privileged half, a half that isn't turned into a slave using the elixir, and is able to train to be a Sentinel. Alex thinks about the process of becoming a slave and then how she and her mother running away boosted her chance of becoming a slave and her mother’s demise, only to be snapped out of it when they arrive at the covenant.

Aiden leads her to the girl’s dorms and tells her to clean up, that he would be back for her so that they could speak with the dean. This is when we get a clear description of Alex. While cleaning up, she explains the process of becoming a Daimon and how simple it is for it to happen. Aiden comes back to get her and they make their way to the deans office.

Inside the office, there is a large case against Alex, which says that she should be turned into a servant, but then a deal is proposed. If she can catch up with all of the rest of the students in her year with the help of Aiden by the end of the summer , she gets to stay, but if she doesn't she becomes her stepfathers servant. She agrees to this. 

After leaving the office, Alex thanks Aiden for saving her, and helping her not be sent back to her stepfather. He reminds her that he is her legal guardian, and is now a minister. They then part ways after setting a time for training in the morning.

Alex walks out of the girl’s dorms and into the males, where she reunites with her friend Caleb. They talk and others join. Enter Lea Samos, she gets into a fight with Alex about why she and her mother left, which ends in Alex hitting Lea. Caleb, drags her from the room and they start to walk while talking about the fight and the topic that caused it. The conversation after they talk about the possibility of Alex being expelled.

After dinner, Alex and Caleb raid the supply room for clothes that would fit Alex, since she didn't have any. Caleb promises to get her clothes while he is in town the next day, but she is worried that he will bring back inappropriate clothes. They run into Aiden, who confronts Alex about not resting. Caleb leaves and Alex and Aiden go into her dorm. Aiden chews her out over her behavior earlier and then he leaves after a small conversation about multiple topics.

The following day, Alex starts training again. She says that Aiden is going to be different than any of her other teachers. They get down to business immediately, and Alex walks straight towards the weapons wall, but Aiden stops her. He says that she doesn't have rights to touch the weapons. They then talk about what she remembers, and figure out that the answer is not much. Aiden tells Alex that she needs to gain some weight and muscle, that she's too small.

Aiden goes over the rules; no drinking or smoking, and Alex cannot leave the covenant without permission or supervision. Alex’s starts to relearn the basics, such as how to take a fall, and epically fails. She doesn't remember it. After working at it for a couple hours, she gets it. 

They break for lunch, and as she eats, a pure blood walks up to her, demanding that she follows. Alex goes with the pure blood, and gets stabbed with a needle. She then remembers the mandatory birth control for female half bloods. 

Alex goes back to the training room for the afternoon; practicing getting knocked over and jumping to her feet again, but still didn't do well. Aiden tells her to lay off the gym, and to do warm up stretches so she won't hurt as much. Alex rubs her neck, and ran her hand over her tag scar, and Aiden tells her that it may heal, and that scars are badges of honor. They split up.

Alex sees Caleb by her room, with shopping bags full of clothes. He complains that he could have been caught in the girl’s dorms, and they go into her room. He catches Alex up on what she missed. One thing she is told that a half-blood guard got a pure blood boyfriend, who is against the breed order, a law that states that fraternizing between races is forbidden. In these situations, the pure's are sent off with a slap on the wrist while the half-blood is punished, often sent into servitude. Alex tells Caleb about her time outside the covenant, and how it feels to be back. 

Alex is then shown in training, relearning how to block properly with Aiden. He kicks Alex, and is in pain. Aiden offers to take a break, but she declines. They continue to work, and Aiden goes over how to block the kicks. Marcus then shows up, and Alex challenges him. Marcus beats her, and after he leaves it is revealed that he used to be a Sentinel. Alex and Aiden fight about her reckless behavior, and it turns into a serious talk about her new life back at the covenant.

After practice, Alex returns to her room to be met by Caleb. He reminds her about a party, and she takes a shower and gest ready before they go to the party, which is located on a beach. Alex sees a boy that reminds her of Aiden, who turns out to be Deacon St. Delphi, his brother.

Deacon and Alex talk about her training, and how she is stuck with his brother. They walk and see Lea and another pure blood, Elena. Lea and Deacon flirt and Alex goes to see Caleb. 

Alex asks about the whole Lea/Deacon situation, and Caleb says it's all talk, but she needs to be careful because she is half-blood. Caleb starts to talk about someone bringing up the possible breed order change in a negative way. Alex inquires about it, but is interrupted by Kain answering the question. He is there to watch over the party. They continue to talk about the breed order.

A pure blood cuts into the conversation, adding his opinion and introducing himself as Cody Hale. More people join the conversation. Alex and Jackson split off from the group. They flirt a little bit until the party starts to move to Myrtle Beach. Alex declines the invitation, and starts to walk across the beach. Alex thinks she hears her moms nick name for her and then is grabbed by the shoulders.

Aiden spins her around, asking why she is here. She says that she can't leave the island, and she hasn't left it yet. Alex asks why Aiden is there, and is surprised to hear that Sentinels always follow the kids when they leave the island. They then talk about how Aiden took care of Deacon after their parents died, and Alex leaves after Aiden promises to not tell her uncle about her sneaking out.

Aiden and Alex are in the training room; Alex is doing cardio while Aiden reads. She asks about the book, and he says that it's a book about Greek mythology, and that he got it from the library. Alex explains some of the horrific things that may be in the library and Aiden just laughs it off, handing her the book to read.

Alex meets with Caleb, and they talk about the party last night. After Alex flips out at Caleb, she leaves to go to her room. She reads the book, and focuses on the part about the first Apollyon.

The summer solstice is approaching. Alex settles into her training and she starts to avoid Jackson even more since he broke up with Lea. There is also a routine set up for her training. During training, Alex tries to grab a weapon and Aiden caught her. They start to work on blocks, but Alex sees a friend and is distracted. Aiden asks her about her relationship with Caleb, and while he isn't paying attention, she tries to land a kick, but he blocks it.

Their conversation moves to the solstice celebrations. Aiden says he has to show up because he is an adult. They continue on with the conversation before Alex gets embarrassed and runs off to her dorm. After changing, she goes to find Caleb.

He is talking to another student about who got better scores on a field exercise, and she feels left out. Caleb switches the topic to the solstice party, asking Alex if she's going. She says yes, and Caleb comments on how hopes it doesn't turn out like last time. After Alex left, Cody brought up the breed order again, putting a damper on everyone’s mood. Jackson attacked Cody, and they brawled. Cody didn't report Jackson for attacking him because his friend talked him out of it. If you strike a pure, even if it's in self-defense, it is the quickest way to get kicked out of the covenant.

Alex goes to the beach and sits down beside Luke, the person who distracted her at training. She refuses a drink, and Luke questions if she had a rough day in training. Alex and Luke talk about Aiden. Caleb comes to join them shortly before Jackson shows up drunk. They speak for a little before he goes off to flirt with a girl. Alex asks who she is.

Caleb tells her that her name is Olivia, and she has been staying with her mortal father and that's why she hasn't seen her before. Caleb's tone gives away that he likes her. Deacon shows up to the party, which is very shocking to everyone since he is a pure, and should be at one of their celebrations, not a half-blood party. Deacon comes and talks to Alex.

Deacon tells them that in about an hour, pure's would show up to get him. Caleb panics and Alex and him leave. Lea confronts Alex as they walk away. Alex handles it and continues to walk while questioning Caleb about why he slept with Lea. He says he doesn't want to talk about it, and Alex picks up that it's because of this Olivia girl.

As they walk, they come across Grandma Piperi, the old lady that is said to have told Alex's mother something and that's the reason she left the covenant. Alex confronts her about what she told her mother, wanting the truth. Grandma Piperi starts spewing out non-sense and Caleb and Alex leave.

Alex is then shown in training, practicing blocking with Kain and Aiden. Alex is distracted and keeps messing up. Kain knocks her over, and Aiden says practice is over, looking slightly angry. Alex defends Kain, saying that she basically walked into the attack, but Aiden still sends Kain away. Aiden asks to see Alex's back, since she grabbed it, and as they walk to a medical room, he asks what has her so distracted. Alex explains about Grandma Piperi. They talk about Alex's mother. 

When Aiden looks at Alex's back, it is completely black and blue. Aiden asks how long it has been like that and Alex says it's been there since the beginning of training. Aiden gives her some medicine to help. While he helps her apply the medicine, they talk about Alex's parents, mainly if she knew her father. Alex says that he died before she is born, and on the winter solstice they would go out to some cabins in Tennessee. Alex assumes this is where her mother felt closest to her father.

They talk about the outside world, and Alex's life had she not come back. Alex admits that she would have loved to work at a zoo, but she is also happy to be back at the covenant, saying that this is where she truly belongs.

They have a moment, but Leon bursts into the room in the middle of it, claiming he has been looking everywhere for Aiden. Aiden leaves to go see Marcus with Leon. Alex starts to think over her feelings for Aiden.

Alex is stretching in the training room when Aiden enters. He tells Alex that Lucian is coming, and he will likely wan to talk to her about her training since he is her legal guardian. After training, Alex goes to find her friends and everyone is worried about Lucian coming. Lea picks a fight with Alex but it stops when Alex notices something on the table for her. Aiden left her a covenant issue uniform to wear, since she had been complaining about having nothing to wear in training. 

Alex gets ready and prepares to go see her stepfather. She goes to the lobby of the school, where everyone is crowded to great Lucian. Alex sees Caleb, and they slip in beside Olivia. They talk until Lucian shows up.

Lucian comes into the room, and greets Marcus. Behind him, is the apollyon. Alex feels uncomfortable when the apollyon nears, and looks up. She then describes him. After they leave, Alex talks with Elena and Caleb. She comments on the marks that were on his skin, but she seems to be the only one that saw them. Aiden comes to tell Alex not to leave. Caleb asks why and Alex explains the situation. Everyone continues to talk. Aiden and Alex talk about the Apollyon, who is apparently named Seth. He explains that the feeling she got when he is here is the amount of aether in him. Alex mentions that the feeling isn't the strange part, it is the tattoos. Aiden asks about them, looking worried. Alex just brushes it off as seeing things.

Aiden and Alex leave to go meet Lucian. When they enter the head masters office, Alex notices Seth studying her. Lucian and Alex converse about her training and about her leaving the covenant and her mother. Lucian believes that she should come back to live with him, not as a slave, but that she shouldn't continue to train. The conversation gest tense, and Alex says that she has to be a Sentinel. It is then revealed that her mother is turned into a Daimon, and is not dead. Alex’s says that they are wrong, that she is dead, but it is confirmed that she was seen in Georgia around the same time that the covenant found Alex. There is a possibility that Alex's mother is following her, that she remembers her. Seth brought up the possibility. Alex does not leave the covenant.

After the meeting, Aiden chases after Alex. Alex accuses him of knowing and he doesn't deny it, and tries to justify his choice. Alex asks him to leave her alone.

Alex goes to her room and lies in bed. She thinks about her mother being a daimon, and she decides wants to be the one that kills her mother.

Alex stays in her room for the next day, making it Sunday. She leaves the room to get food, and is thankful that the cafeteria is empty so she can eat her food in peace.

Alex thinks about her mother again, and goes to the training room, where she practices combat. Aiden is standing at the door when she finishes. Alex punches him in the jaw, and he asks her if that made her feel any better. They start to fight after that, and when Alex starts getting out of control, Aiden stops her. Alex rants about how he knew that she is alive, and never told her, and Aiden tries once again to justify his choice. Aiden ends up restraining Alex, and she kisses him.

Alex freaks out at what happened, and Aiden tries to calm her down again but she ends up running out of the room. She is walking and someone stops in front of her. Alex flips out, but stops mid sentence when she figures out who it is. The apollyon continues to speak with her and ends up walking her back to her dorm.

During the conversation, Alex brings up Seth's tattoos, and he has the same reaction as everyone else; shock. They part ways, but Seth warns her about her mother.

Alex is training with Aiden the next day when she brings up her talk with Seth. She asks about why she is here, and to tell the truth and not lie to her. Aiden just says he simply omitted the truth. They quarrel and Alex leaves after training to see Caleb. He knows about her mother and they don't mention the topic again.

A few days later, Alex gets another trainer; Kain has joined them again. Aiden, very tense after their last conversation, tells Alex that Kain would be joining them three days a week from now on. Alex mentions she is torn between being happy that Kain can teach her new things, or sad that someone is there during her time with Aiden.

By the end of practice, Alex enjoys the change, but is worried it has something to do with the kiss. 

Over the next few weeks, Kain and Seth stick around, Kain in training and Seth seems to be appearing around campus. Aiden and Alex just finish their practice when Aiden mentions that she has done really well this week. Alex admits that she thinks it does help that he can see from the outside view of what she's doing wrong. Aiden says that's what he is going for, and Alex accidently mentions that she thought it was because of the kiss. She then apologizes for everything. Aiden accepts the apology for her hitting him, and tells her that she doesn't have to apologize for the kiss.

Alex sits down at a lunch table with Caleb, Seth and some others. Caleb is questioning how many kills Seth has had, and he admits that he had 25, should have had 26 but one got away. Alex made a comment that he must be embarrassed, letting a daimon get away. Seth asks how many kills she's had, and says that 2 is impressive for an untrained girl. He also says that he's never been tagged, which makes Alex mad. Seth starts to look at her tag scar, and she snaps at him, saying he's in her space.

Seth asks her what she's going to do about it, and she thinks that she would punch him. Instead of saying it aloud, she asks what he's doing here, that he should be doing important stuff like guarding Lucian. Seth leaves, and everyone asks why she is acting like that. She says that she is being respectful, just not kissing is butt like everyone else.

The topic changes to a daimon attack at Lake Lure, a place near by, last night. Kain was one of the sentinels accompanying the pure's there, and Alex thinks that he is dead since daimons don't leave half bloods alive. The pure bloods there were Lea's family and another family. Alex feels pity for Lea. Lea isn't there because her older pure blood half sister came to pick her up. Since Leas father was on the council, her half sister would take the seat since she is old enough.

When Alex gets back to her dorm, she sees two letters under her door, one from Aiden calling off tomorrows practice and one from her step father with an envelope full of money. She trashes the card, but kept the money.

Alex spent the next few hours thinking about the attack, and woke up too agitated to sleep. At lunch she found out that Seth went out to Lake Lure with Aiden. So far, every single one of the pure's and half servants were massacred along with most of the security team. Kain still hasn't been found. The pure's had a couple tags each, but the half bloods were covered in them. Olivia told her that they were hoping to get some information from the security cameras.

The rest of the day had a sad atmosphere, and Alex went straight to her room after dinner. A few hours later, there is a knock on the door. Aiden is there. He gives her a rundown of the situation. Aiden tells her that they saw her mother on the surveillance cameras. They talk about the massacre a little bit more before Aiden leaves.

The next day in practice, Alex put in a lot of effort, and Aiden noticed. She claimed she was fine during a break, and then went straight back to training. Alex gets a shiver going down her spine then Seth walks into the room. Seth leans by the door while Alex cleans up. Aiden asks if everything was okay, and she gives him a vague answer. Aiden inquires if Seth has been bothering her, glaring his way, and she thinks about the answer, before saying she'd see him later.

As Alex leaves, Seth follows her, commenting about Aidens behavior. They talk about Aiden, before the topic is breifly switched to the attack and her mother, and then Seth mentions he asked her step-father about why he was here. They continue the conversation until Alex looks him in the eye, and felt a large surge of attraction and power. She slips past Seth and goes into the girls dorms.

Later, Caleb and Alex were in the back of the rec. room. A storm had started and it forced everyone inside. They speak about Grandma Piperi and how she connects to Alex's mother. During the conversation, just after Alex says she'll kill her mother herself, Seth walks in. Caleb comments on her mood change, saying people will start talking, and Alex retorts with questions about him and Olivia. They continue to talk about the apollyon, and his mysterious disappearing tattoos, when Alex notices Jackson in the room, in the corner with Cody and another half-blood. Since they are starring their way, Alex thinks they're talking about her mother. Caleb just says she's paranoid and Alex responds by saying that Aiden said people would find out.

Over the next week, the whispers and stares increased. The half-bloods didn't have the guts to comment, but since the pures were untoachable, they started trouble. During training, Alex asks Aiden if it was possible that her mom didn't attack those people. Aiden said that if she didn't kill them, it would change what they knew about daimons. Alex inquires if if it's possible for a daimon to drain without killing, and Aiden says that they could, but don't see the point in not killing. Alex states that she was just hoping that there was still a piece of her mom there, before Aiden leaves.

That night in the lounge, the stares and whispers started again. People were saying that Alex couldn't be trusted, but she thought it was stupid. The events created rumors about why they left and what really happened while they were out there, and some people believed it, only a few halfs talked to her and none of the pures. 

Seth kept showing up everywhere, making it impossible to avoid him. After a practice where Seth didn't show up, Aiden called her over to look at her improvement. Alex asks if she's ready for the weapons and Aiden says possibly. She then asks him if his parents were turned instead of flat out dying, would he kill them. Aiden then explains his answer, and they parted ways, but not before Aiden commented on her outfit, which consitted of short shorts and a tank top. Realizing what he meant, Alex asks him if it was distracting. Aiden smiles and says that they may work with knives next time if they have time, brushing off her earlier question.

Alex asks if he is being serious, and he says yes, but only for a little bit, that it would help her get a feel on how to handle them. Alex thinks that it's strange to go from not being able to touch them to practicing with them, and compares this day to graduating kindergarden or christmas eve.

Alex hugs Aiden, and thinks about how they were in this position when he came back from lake lure. Aiden says that she is to pretty to be dressed like that, and that she is entirely to happy to be working with weapons. She pauses after hearign the pretty part, and then works past it when Alex responds by saying she's blood thirsty. Aiden's eyes drop and Alex decides that she needs to go get as many pairs of these shorts she can find in the store.



Alexandria Andros

Aiden St. Delphi

Caleb Nicolo

Olivia Panagopoulos


Lea Samos


"So? What are you gonna do about it? Throw mashed potatoes at me? I'm consumed by terror." -Seth

"Okay. I'm ready to move on to something else, like practicing knives or defense against the dark arts." -Alex

"I was gonna be super pissed in the after life if I died a virign in this crap hole." -Alex

"Alex, you're starting to worry me. Insult me... or something." -Seth

“Okay. I’m ready to move onto something else, like practicing with knives or defense against the dark arts. Cool things.” “Did you just quote Harry Potter?”

“Are you lost, Lea? This isn't where they're handing out the free pregnancy tests.”  -Alex