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“No. No way. I’m not flying. I’m not getting in a tin can that could fall out of the sky at any moment. Screw that. Have you ever thought about how they get planes in the sky and how they stay in the sky? No? I have. It’s a lot of science I don’t understand.”

Josephine 'Josie' Bethel, The Return


Josie is 20 years old in The Return. She later turns 21 years old in The Struggle. It is revealed that Josie did not know who her father was before she met Seth. When Seth tells her that Apollo is her father, she laughs and has an incredulous look on her face. Josie has always wanted to be a psychology major after dealing with her mother's schizophrenia. She is very kind and has a similar nature to Alex in her fieriness, though she is more gentle. Josie reveals that she has not had many friends in her childhood, besides Erin--who later turns out to be one of the furies--and Bob, who later turns out to be her father in disguise.


Josie has a mixture of brown and blond unique colored hair that is wavy. Something that everyone notices about her at first is how similar her blue eye color is to Apollo. This itself makes people realize that it is true that Josie is really the rare born demigod child of Apollo.


Seth DiodorosTheir first meeting is an awkward encounter. In The Return--the first book of the Titan series--Seth tracks Josie down after asking her if her initials are JB. It turns out that he is right. Seth has a sense of familiarity about her eyes and realizes that she really is Apollo's demigod daughter. Seth and Josie have this unbearable tension, which only gets stronger as Seth stays by Josie's side and teaches her how to practice. She refers to him as "Sethie" and her personal "pillow pet". Seth calls her "Joe", much to her annoyance. Josie and Seth finally end up hooking up after Josie admits to Seth that she wants him to kiss her. Seth and Josie have a lot in common--their lonely childhood and their separation from their parents. Seth tells Josie that he does not want to treat her like she is unworthy by automatically sleeping with her because she deserves more than that. Josie also finds out about Seth's past with Alex and what he did after Alex became a full-fledged Apollyon, yet still fully accepts him. Seth and Josie admit at the end of the first book that they like each other, with Seth being scared after Josie was harmed by Hyperion.

In the second book, The Power, there is some tension between him and Josie. Josie feels jealous about Seth's past connection with Alex, despite the fact that Alex is with Aiden. She envies Alex and wishes she could be like her. She begins to compare herself to Alex. After this issue is resolved, Seth and Josie are more than happier together. Josie loses her virginity to Seth and they declare their love for each other. Seth tells Josie that what he feels for her is far more than what he ever felt for Alex. He admits that he knows Aiden loved Alex more than he did.

In the third book, The Struggle, Josie is worried after she thinks he is killed. Their relationship is stronger than ever. She later finds out that she is pregnant with Seth's child after feeling weird. Seth helps Josie deal with her new demigod powers after she becomes a full-fledged demigod and unbounded. In the fourth book, The Prophecy, Josie and Seth end up getting married and have a child named Leon together. Seth is constantly worried for Josie and his unborn child's sake throughout the story, showing how much he has grown since he was nineteen. Leon is named after Apollo because that was his alias when he disguised as a sentinel in the Covenant series.

Deacon St. Delphi: He becomes one of Josie's first friends at the Covenant in South Dakota. He is the one that tells Josie about Seth's past of being an Apollyon with uncontrollable powers and what happened between him, Aiden, and Alex. Deacon is a constant support system to Josie throughout the series. He especially ships Seth and Josie in the first book, constantly hinting to Josie to hookup with Seth.

Luke Ritter: He also becomes one of Josie's first friends at the Covenant in South Dakota. Luke constantly talks Josie's ear off with his boyfriend, Deacon, in the first book. He is also supportive of Seth and Josie's relationship.

Aiden St. Delphi: Aiden seems to respect Josie and thinks that she is good for Seth. They later bond, with Aiden even seeing her and Seth's child in the fourth book, The Prophecy. Aiden is wishful that he and Alex will have their own child someday.

Alexandria 'Alex' Andros: Alex is shocked and amazed at the fact that Apollo has a demigod daughter. At first, there is tension between Josie and Alex because of the fact that Alex used to have a thing with Seth. Josie is jealous about the fact that Alex and Seth used to have an Apollyon connection. Alex assures Josie that this was years ago and she is simply just a good friend to Seth. Alex and Josie later get along, with her even seeing Josie and Seth's child. She wishes that she and Aiden could have their own child someday.

Erin Fore: Erin has been one of Josie's college best friends for her past two years at college. It later turns out that Erin is a furie that has been watching over Josie to protect her. Erin tries her best to protect Josie in The Return; however, the titan, Hyperion, still ends up taking her. Josie later reunites with Erin, and they are still best friends till this day.

Apollo: He is Josie's father. He disguised as a mortal with the alias named Bob in order to be there for Josie and protect her. Apollo might seem uncaring about some things, but he seems to really care about Josie. Apollo does a lot for Josie throughout the Titan series to prove that he is a worthy father for her. He first does not approve of her relationship with Seth, but later admits that Seth is good for her.

Characteristics []

Josie is considered a good girl that is friendly, socially awkward, and a bit lonely. She also has a tendency to ramble a lot, overanalyze, and blush easily, which is noted by Seth. She is also somewhat fierce in a way that is similar to Alex. This is also noted by Alex's uncle, Marcus Andros. Since she is a bound demigod, she did not unlock her powers until Apollo had no choice but to throw a knife at her chest while fighting Hyperion. Josie dying a mortal death caused her to unlock her powers and become a full-fledged demigod.


“I just saw someone get lit on fire, and you’re acting like it’s really not that big of a deal. People just get burned alive all the time around here, apparently. And I saw someone get told to jump out of a window and that person was seriously going to do it! That’s crazy.”

“Seth joined the group of very stern-looking men, and they immediately started talking, their voices too low for me to hear, but it didn’t stop me from trying. I learned fairly quickly that I sucked at reading lips. Everything looked like they were saying “tomatoes” or “I love you” and I doubted that was what was being said.”

“I stared at him for a moment, and then I exploded. “You threw a knife at me!”

“I wanted to get you something, but Amazon doesn’t really deliver out here, so . . .”

“Loving him meant that I knew from the first moment that I fell for Seth that he was complicated – that loving him wouldn’t be easy. Loving him…Well, it meant that I was willing to fight for him.”