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Rachelle Andros is Alex’s Mother.


She is described to have a willowy figure, with long brown hair and vibrant green eyes. She is of similar height to her daughter, Alex.


Alexandria Andros[]

 Alexandria is Rachelle's daughter and the two had a good relationship. A week prior to Half-Blood, Rachelle was attacked in Miami, which led to the belief she was dead by Alex. Later in the series, Alexandria finds out that Rachelle isn't dead, but had been turned into a daimon. Alexandria sets out with Caleb to go and kill Rachelle in Half-Blood and succeeds.


Lucian is the husband of Rachelle, and step-father of Alex. Lucian and Rachelle were paired up together since they were both pures. Even though Rachelle was in love with Alexander ,she married pure-blood Lucian as she believed it to be her duty.


Alexander is the father of Alexandria Andros. Rachelle met Alexander when they were young, and had Alexandria even though it was forbidden for half bloods and pure bloods to have a relationship. Because of this, Alexander was sent to be a servant and Rachelle married Lucian some time later, believing that Alexander was dead. Alexandria was named after him.